3 Stylish ways to upcycle your used cans

3 Stylish ways to upcycle your used cans

January 16, 2019 Create Lifestyle Uncategorized 0

You are about to find out that my DIY-skills can have a tendency to be a bit ehm… rustic. Or maybe simple is a better word. It has most to do with the limited amount of time I have for projects that don’t capture the attention of my children (which is pretty much everything if we’re being honest). But, I have to say that even though these project don’t demand a lot of time, I do really like the result of them. Hopefully it can inspire you to try some of them out and upcycle your own used cans!

1. Can to lantern

This is such a great idea for recycling your cans, you can turn them into supercute candle holders which I think are especially nice to keep outside. It will look extremly inviting for everyone passing by or visiting you. It’s also really easy to make. You can see the easy instructions beneath. You’ll have to paint your can, maybe decorate it a bit the way you like…

Then you can drill som holes in the can to make anything you like, I tried to make a plant-like figure here. I did actually drill the holes, instead of making them with a nail and hammer (which was my initial idea, but that didn’t work out for me as you can see:

I think you have to have very sharp nails, and also be very good at holding your can and simultaniously hitting it with a forceful punch. So I definitly recommend a drill. But either way, I really like the end result and think it looks very nice in these cold and still kind of dark january days.

2. Can to plant holder

So another thing I really love is to decorate the can and use it as a plant or herb holder. This is pretty selv explanatory, you can just spray or paint the can with any color you like. Maybe decorate some more, and you’re good to go 🙂

3. Can to Pencil Holder

So you can obviously transform the can into a pencil holder in many different ways. This time I glued some fabric around the can to give it a little different look and feel. Also, this one is for my kids pencils and I wouldn’t want them to cut themselves on any sharp edges (even inside). That’s also why I wasn’t too carefull about the amount of fabric and just tucked the leftover on top inside the can. Works perfect if you ask me.

So there you have it. Tree ways to upcycle your used cans. Make sure that you recycle your remaining cans through waste sorting 🙂


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