Why you should get a spiderplant

Why you should get a spiderplant

January 23, 2019 Grow Houseplants 2

So, if you’re anything like me you can’t wait for spring to happen, but that is still so far away. Maybe you’re also very keen on getting some green in your living room…? Here are some good reasons for you to give the spiderplant a try as your newest houseplant.


The spiderplant is really one of the easiest houseplants you can get. I also think it looks incredibly cosy and homely, especially after it makes all it’s baby plants (which look a bit like spiders, hence the name spiderplant). They can get really big and beautiful, but they also look very nice when they aren’t yet.

We adopted this plant from my parents guestroom. We asked for just a baby spider plant, but got to take the whole plant and hanger with us. I think it looks so incredibly cosey, I can’t even imagine our window without it anymore.


This is such a forgiving plant! You can keep a spiderplant in indirect light or in front of a window, from my experience they thrive in both cases. Watering is like with a lot of other houseplants, around once a week. In wintertime we tend to water about every 1.5 to 2 weeks, and it seems to be fine for this one. They will also need less fertilizer in wintertime. I think we do that every 6th week for now and that also seems to be enough.


They will easily provide you with new plants for free! The obvious way to propagate is to wait until the plant develops baby plants. You can then either let the baby sit on the motherplant and give it it’s own pot with soil and wait for it to root. But you can also just cut off the small babyplant and pot it. It’s actually best to do this in spring/summer time. But it can also work out during the winter. The babyplant will just take a bit longer to grow big.

So you’ve got 3 good reasons to pick a spiderplant as your new houseplant. It’s an easy-to-keep-alive-plant, it looks nice and it creates even more plants for you for free. If you’d need any more convincing arguments:


It’ is also known for being very well at cleaning the air in your room! So if you are ready for some new green in your house, this plant probably be the best choice!


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