Homemade playdough (salt dough)

Homemade playdough (salt dough)

January 25, 2019 Create Kids 0

Do your kids also love to play with playdough? Mine definitly do, but I must admit I am not always too crazy about it. Since my kids are 2 and 4 (baby brother won’t join in on the fun just yet) they can’t really play without supervision and you’ll regularly hear me say things like ‘nooo… don’t lick the playdough’. Also the floor will be scattered with small little pieces of coloured playdough even after just 5 minutes of fun…

I prefer for my kids to play with this homemade playdough. And to be honest we just use ordinary salt dough, instead of recipes which require heating and a lot of ingredients. It takes literally 5 minutes to make. That includes tidying the ingredients too 🙂 It’s also supercheap!

The recipe:

Just knead together 2 cups of flour, 1 cup of salt and 1 cup of water (and maybe a tablespoon oil if you want to). You don’t have to be too precise. We had a little less salt and that was fine too.

The most fun thing is that you can dry the dough in the end. Just put it in the oven at about 70-80 degrees C. It depends on what you made how fast it will dry out, but I’d say at least an hour or 2. It provides a nice activity for the next day, then you can paint the dough. My kids often want me to help them in the end, in order to get a ‘nice’ piece to paint the next day. I often end up making some pieces together with them where we use stamps to make prints in the dough! We were very excited to find out that this actually works that well… Also, the frozen theme has been unstoppable in our dough activities ever since (someone who can relate?)

As a bonus, this dough won’t ‘break’ as easily so not that many tiny pieces on the floor. But you obviously do have to expect some of that, it is still kids playing with dough 🙂 I will also still have to shout to ‘not put the dough in your mouth’ but I don’t mind as much since I know there aren’t any chemicals in there.

If your kids love playdough too, I would definitely recommend you to try this out!


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