Be happy, take care of a plant

Be happy, take care of a plant

January 27, 2019 Develop Grow Houseplants Uncategorized 2

Plants have a lot of beneficial qualities to our mental health. I think humanity has known that for a long time. Look at our traditions at weddings and funerals where plants (ok, I admit it’s mostly flowers) often play a major part. A lot of research is done on plants and how they affect us. They all tell us that having plants in your room is beneficial for your health. I am not surprised by the outcome, as I get very happy taking care of my plants.

Better indoor environment

Plants are also beneficial because they purify the air. Some of them also act as a humidifier, making the air in your home nicer to your (dry) skin. But they are also known to reduce the level of toxins. It all means there will be higher oxygen level in your room. These physical benefits can in their turn also diminish stress- and anxiety levels. Plants can at the same time also boost your productivity, concentration and lift your overall mood! While houseplants on their own obviously won’t solve all your possible anxiety issues, it can help to make you feel more at ease in a short term situation.


It is also said that houseplants actually give our lives a sense of purpose. They demand that you care for them and require some degree of attention of you. At the same time they are also quite forgiving, making it relatively easy to keep them succesfully. This in turn can lead to positive feelings and empowerment. Also, you will kind of grow to feel some love for your plants, does that make sense to you? I can’t imagine being the only one who gets excited over a plant developping new leaves or even flowers. It’s just so wonderful to see your plants developing! If you do think I’m crazy for it, I would really recommend you to buy a spiderplant (there are actually 4 reasons you should do that).I honestly think you will love to see the development of this easy-to-keep-plant.

Houseplants also just look very nice, and their green leaves remind us of nature. Since we have it in our genes to connect with nature, we will often feel more at ease and comfortable around plants. By introducing houseplants in your home you will start to notice small improvements to your health, and happiness. Houseplants won’t solve all your possible mental health issues. They can however help to make you feel a bit more at ease in a short term situation. So when you’re feeling kind of down, you should consider surrounding yourself with some more green leaves. It might just lift you up!


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