The best way to feed the birds during the cold winter

The best way to feed the birds during the cold winter

January 29, 2019 Create Kids Winter 0

Sometimes when I look outside I feel a bit sad for the poor small birds in the ice cold january (-10C / 14F) That’s why decided to make some jars with bird food for our feeder. Well, we already had the feeder, just not the food inside of it. So this post wil learn you the best way to make the bird food. I also will get back to you soon on how to make the beautiful bird feeder from any of your leftover scrapwood.

Why this is the best way

The main reason as to why I prefer this method is that the coconut fat makes the seeds stick together and they won’t just fall out of the jar. We’ve had lose seeds on a plateau feeder, but a lot of these seeds dropped on the ground and inevitably attracted mice and other animals. That will definitly increase the risk of these animals trying to get inside your house too. Unfortunatly we know that from experience as well 😉 With the coconutfat the seeds will stay inside the jar and it won’t be as easy for other animals to get to.

That being said, I would recommend to keep the bird food as far away as possible from your house. Obviously you still want to see the feeder trough the window, cause watching the birds eat is of course half the fun. BUT you do want to prevent mice from trying their way in to your house.

It is also a great project to do together with (young) kids. They wil love to help you with getting the seeds in the jar and stirring around. This wil also make them more engaged in looking at the birds when they eat from their food 🙂

In the last place it is the best way because making this sticky bird food in a jar is supereasy. You will be done in a few minutes!

The recipe

You will need:

  • any lose bird seeds (these are often the cheapest)
  • coconut-fat
  • glass jar (reuse an old peanutbutter or jam jar)
  • A stick
  • Bird feeder (ours is soon to come as DIY) OR a ribbon

You just put a thick layer of seeds in the jar, stir inn the melted coconut oil and repeat until the jar is full.

Then you wait for it to harden.

As you can see, we also put a stick in the jar so the birds can sit on that while they eat. You can also put the stick on the outside with an elastic band, to get the same effect

Then you can put the jar in your feeder. Or, if you don’t have this kind of feeder yet you can also just hang your glass jar with a piece of rope or ribbon in a tree.

Please do consider the accescability of predators when choosing a location for the food. This includes your own or the neighbours cat.

Enjoy watching the little birdies eat from the comfort of your own home. You will probably be amazed at the variety of birds that will come to your feeder!


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