3 easy ways to make globe shaped icelanterns

3 easy ways to make globe shaped icelanterns

February 8, 2019 Create Seasonal Winter 0

Once again I am sharing a very winter-y post to learn you 3 different methods of making globe shaped icelanterns. I think one of the best things to do for the environment is to live in sinc with the different seasons. Like eating seasonal vegetables, and enjoying nature in every state. This project wil make you appreciate winter weather even when you’re actually a bit fed up with it… 😉 Since it’s so freezing cold here, I was done in no time with these icelanterns. Not sure if that’s a good thing, but it is the way it is…

First method

You fill up a balloon with water til you get the size you want the lantern to be. Then you put it in a bowl and set it outside in order to freeze. Depending on how cold it is, you have to leave it there for a while.

Then, when you still can hear a little bit of water on the inside, you can take the balloon in. This will probably take longer then you expect, at least 12-24 hours. (Unless of course you live somewhere where it is -30C/-22F. Here it was -8C/17F and I took it in after about 12 hours and as you can see it is quite thin. Anyway then you’re easily peeling away the balloon and you can empty the water by making a little opening on one side.

As I said, this globe was quite thin. When you just wait a little bit longer you can carefully make an opening with some warm water, but in my case the globe got a bit destroyed by this. Still think it looks very cool though! 🙂

Second method

This method is pretty much the same as the first one, BUT you are going to leave the balloon until it is totally frozen (or you know, when you want to do the first method but life get’s in the way ;)). Then, when you take it in, you peel off the balloon again. Make a little hole by carefully putting warm water at one point. Keep in mind that your globe will melt a bit all the way, because of the water running on all the sides. When you’re opening can fit an electric candle you can stop the water.

You can now place an electric candle on a plate/ground and put the globe over it (this won’t work with real candles since they won’t have enough oxygen). It has a nice effect too!

Third method

This is probably the most eco-friendly one since you’re not using balloons and everything is reusable 🙂 I also think this one is the easiest. You are going to need 2 bowls (or a little bit more patience and use the same bowl twice). The first one (or time) you can fill up with water and let freeze. The second one (or time) you can put a (small – candle sized) glas container in the middle. You will also need to keep the jar down with a stone or something similar. This way you wil get a hole in the middle to put your candle in.

When they are frozen you can take them in and let them sit on your counter for a little while. You can poor warm water in the glass jar to make it easier to remove.

Then you can put them on something like a plate (that you don’t mind keeping outside – that’s why I choose a wooden ‘cookie’) and you have to put them on top of each other. You want the hole to be on top (to put your candle in). The halves will melt together because they are now a bit melted from the warmth of your home. You will have to get the globe out and make sure they are properly frozen together before you put in your candle.

So there you have it, 3 easy ways to make your own ice globes. I think all of them look incredibly warming and welcoming. They actually even make me kind of like the wintertime a bit more 😉


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