Easy DIY candle making

Easy DIY candle making

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Do you actually know what your candles are made of? I wasn’t very aware of this until I came by an article that talked about what certain candles contain. I found out that a lot of candles use either:

  • stearin – which likely is obtained from animal fat, as a byproduct of processing beef. It can also be derived from tropical plants such as palm.
  • parafin wax – this is a by product from petroleum. It can create a highly toxic fumes, compareble to diesel fumes.

Anyway, when I got to know this I knew it was time for a change. That’s why I am sharing this easy DIY for candle making. I didn’t really want to use candles made from animal fat. I don’t eat their meat anymore, so I prefer to avoid any other products where their bodies are used as well. Neither do I want to create a toxic environment in my house. Prior to reading the article I did actually notice that I oftentimes get a headache after burning scented candles. This makes perfect sense now that I know what likely is the ingredient in these type of candles.

So I decided to try and make homemade all natural candles from soy wax and a tiny bit of coconut fat. I read that the later will give a better ‘scent throw’. Which means it will make sure the smell of your oils are easier spread throughout the room. That is, if you use any. This recipe is working fine without them too 🙂

I also used this easy DIY candle making project to upcycle the empty glas jars from our pantry. I prefer smaller ones cause they look so nice. So for example from olive paste, tomato-paste and so on. The candles will burn quite a while, I’d estimate about 25 hours. They also make a great gift.

You will need:

  • Soy wax or another kind of wax (coconut for example)
  • A wick of your choice (se below)
  • Essential oils if you want to add these (optional). It is recommended to use about 5% oils. Which means for example 5 ml of oil on 100 grams of wax.
  • Glass jar(s)


You start by weighing of the ingredients and putting them in a dedicated pot over a waterbad.

You have to wait for all the ingredients to melt.

Meanwhile you can prepare your jars with wicks. There are a lot of wicks you can choose from. I have cotton, hemp and wooden wicks. I love the wooden ones, they give a bit more character to the candles. As you can see I have some clips to hold them in place, you can also do this by tying them on a pencil or keeping between chopsticks.

As soon as everything is melted you can immediatly turn off the heat. Wait for a bit to let the wax cool down. Then you can add your essential oils if you’d like.

Pour the melted wax into the jars and let sit for a few hours to harden. If your top has become a bit crackled/uneven you can poor just a tiny bit of more melted wax on top to even it out. The key is to not pour while the wax is too hot.

You can easily make a nice styilsh decoration with the candles and some other reusable glass jars. As you can see below I am trying to propagate some of my beautiful houseplants.

When your candle is burned out you can put the jar in the freezer. Once it’s frozen it is very easy to take out the wax. You can even re-use the holder for the wooden wicks after you clean it with hot water (not for the cotton/hemp ones). You can re-use the jar for anything you’d like after cleaning. Hope you’ll give this easy candle making a try too, and if you do, let me know how it turned out 🙂


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