5 Reasons to start growing your own vegetables

5 Reasons to start growing your own vegetables

February 19, 2019 Flowers and Fruit Gardening Grow Veggies and Herbs 1

I have had my vegetable garden for some years now and I have to tell you that it is one of the best things I know! I really love working in my garden, looking at the small seedlings developing into these beautiful plants producing vegetables and flowers. It is an amazing process to witness every year again. And even if you’re not that much into gardening (yet) there are some good reasons to consider to start growing your own vegetables this year!

1. Health Benefits

Just as houseplants will provide you with health benefits, gardening might contribute even more to a good health. It will obviously give you nutritious vegetables without pesticides. The vegetables will also be richer in nutrients when you grow them yourself and eat them fresh from your garden. Especially when compared to veggies shipped half way around the world before ending on your plate.

Gardening will also give you a great form of exercise. It can honestly be quite a good work out too keep your garden in a great shape 😉 Think about pruning all the bushes and trees and weeding the beds.

Photo by Alturas Homes from Pexels

But not only your physical health will notice the great effects of your vegetable garden. Your mind will be very happy for all those hours outside in the fresh air and sunshine as well. Gardening will give your mood a boost by reducing your stresslevels, lower your blood pressure and can even help in reducing the risk of depression! Quite the beneficial hobby if you ask me!

2. Good for the environment

When you start your own vegetable garden you don’t have to buy as much food from the grocery store as usual. This will save you some money (I don’t mention this as a reason on it’s own cause I’m not sure if it actually will save you a whole lot of money when you start out. You will have to invest in some equipment and seeds, good soil and so on…) But more important, it is very good for the environment! The food you buy from the grocery store has likely traveled a long way to get there. This means it has been transported by plane, ship and or truck to get to your plate. It might also have been wrapped in plastic to keep it good a longer time. So when you rely more on your own vegetables for a (little) time of the year, this will be good for the environment. It will reduce polution

Also, when you grow your own food, you know exactly what is on it. If you don’t use pesticides or harmful fertilizers, that is a big plus compared to what you get when you buy your vegetables in a store.

Finally, very important, all the trees, bushes and plants you have in your garden will be able to absorb carbon dioxide and filter your air. This will also help to modulate the greenhouse gases. Your plants will purify water, and may also be the home to a bit of wildlife. This could be spiders, bees or squirrels. We need to maintain this biodiversity in our world.

3. Appreciation of Nature

I think caring for your own plants and to growing your own food gives you a whole new appreciation of nature. It will give you a chance to learn a lot about different kinds of crops and plants: how you take care of fruittrees or berrybushes, how to prune tomato plants… Why you need the bees to come to the appleblossom… It will also makes you experience the importance of rain and sun for our food in a different way than before. You get to be excited about a rainy day just so your plants won’t suffer. All these beautiful aspects of nature and you will be much more aware of them than before.

It will also be very rewarding to see the results of your work in the garden. The small seeds that have grown into beautiful plants. You will truly appreciate the wonders of mother nature as you will follow them closely.

4. Looks beautiful

I often find vegetable patches incredibly beautiful in a garden. A lot of vegetables bloom and look very pretty. And even if they’re just green, I think it still looks so great! The same for balconies with lots of pots with flowers and greens. It creates such a great calming atmosphere and provides a soothing kind of comfort.

5. Delicious

The fruits and veggies you grow yourself will taste amazing! I can assure you that you will love it so much more than your storebought vegetables. It will probably also stimulate you to be more creative in the kitchen. You don’t want anything to go to waste, especially after all the hard work and love you’ve put into it. So you’ll probably get more creative in baking, cooking and preserving your veggies and you might discover some very tasty new dishes! I mean, I never thought I’d serve edible flowers (nasturtium) until I had so many in my garden I couldn’t resist 🙂

6. Bonus reason if you have kids

If you have kids then gardening will learn them all these things I mentioned above. They will gain so many skills and knowledge from gardening. Like being responsible for caring for their own plants. Loving nature and being outside. Physical activity from doing all the fun work. Learn about nutrition and where food comes from. Being proud of themselves from begin able to produce something. And also, growing your own vegetables may just be a great way to hang out and have fun with your kids.

So now is the time to give your own vegetable garden a try! You can even start today by sowing some seeds in your kitchen window, to make sure you’ll have some good plants when the spring has come for real. More on that next time 🙂


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