Setting your goals

Setting your goals

March 23, 2019 Develop Uncategorized 0

In this post I wanted to share my latest thoughts on setting your goals. I have been looking in to this lately and I am trying to define my own goals. You always see bloggers / youtubers making their goals for the upcoming months, year or the next five years and to be honest I ‘ve never done that. So I decided to dive more into this.

How to make it work

Progress not perfection!

I found some interesting tips and tricks, but most important, I realised that there is are some important thing to keep in mind when you set your goals. You have to create a fun path to reach your goal. You should have so much fun during the journey that it (almost) doesn’t matter if you eventually get to your goal or not. It’s all about making progress, not perfection!

Does this sound confusing? Let me try to explain. Let’s say you set your goals, like for example ‘I want to live healthier’. Then you break this down into small, doable and measurable actions, like you always get recommended, right? You have to define what it means to you to be healthy. Take this example, you could say that in order to live more healthy you can ‘Cook 5 healthy dinners every week instead of eating take out.’ This could work, if you’re into cooking…

The key is to make these actions something your really WANT to do. You’re not very likely to keep up with these actions if you don’t actually enjoy them. You see, if you already know you actually don’t like cooking dinner, you’re probably going to give up within a few weeks. And that way you’ll never reach your goal. Instead you could then come up with something you do enjoy, that still can make you reach your own goals. In this case if you know you don’t like cooking, or you already know you don’t want to spend too much time on that, you could say something like I will work out twice a week, or maybe cook a healthy dinner once a week and make enough to eat 2 or 3 days from it.


Celebrating is SUPER important as we, as people, often get so busy trying to get to the next big thing that you’re likely not even going to celebrate your smaller OR bigger victories. Remember that time when you thought ‘ if only I got my X then…’ and when you actually got X you moved on to the next big thing so quickly. Examples? What about your driving licence, SO excited to get one and then you got it and suddenly the next thing you should have RIGHT NOW was a car… and when you got one, you actually wanted a bigger/better car… Or what about your degree, next thing was a job… and then a better paid job… And that’s such a shame, cause all these journeys together they actually form your actual life! This is your life, right here and now… It doesn’t first start when you accomplish X! Celebrate, and be proud of all your accomplishments!

My goals

As for my goals… You might have noticed that I haven’t written a blogpost in a while. Continuing something for a longer time is one of my biggest challenges. I often have about a 100 ideas in my head, and I even get started on a lot of those, but I lack the motivation or discipline to do something for a longer period of time and get really good at it. In the case of this blog (as many of it’s pre-descendents) I was (or maybe still am) a bit confused as to how to make it work… Isn’t blogging ‘out’? Shouldn’t I be doing something else like make a podcast? Or a youtube channel? Should I be monetizing as you read everywhere? How to get people to read my stuff? Should I aim for a different group? Like, it’s honestly quite overwhelming when you let your thoughts wander a bit on the goals of your blog.

So breaking it down into doable actions that I know I enjoy: my goal is to write an update regularly, and not to be too critical about the subjects or pictures in the post. I want to get (back) in the habit of writing and posting and hopefully that will learn me the long-term goals of what I want to do with this blog eventually.

What about your goals? Do you have any tips and tricks on this matter? I would love to read them!


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