Propagating houseplants

Propagating houseplants

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Who knew how easy it is to make more plants of your houseplants! It really is easy and right now (spring) is in fact the best time to get it started! I did already start some projects earlier this year and these worked out too, but I can already see that the plants I’m propagating at this point grow so much faster then the earlier ones. How exciting!

Most plants grow and as they do they also develop new leaves and stems. You can see this very clearly on spiderplants, who develop so called babies or spiders. Also pilea plants form their own ‘babyplants’ as they develop new cuttings from their stem /root. You can carefully cut off these babies once they’ve grown a bit. At that point you can either put them in water or soil to let them develop their own rootsystem. I will share my experiences with you, and hopefully you’ll want to try some of this yourself as well. I am by no means an expert, but if these propagations-methods worked out for me, they probably also will for you!


I’ve recently tried out water propagation with my monstera. To be honest I actually didn’t have that much hope for it to work out. I’ve seen the pretty pictures of roots on instagram, but wasn’t sure if this was real… But see for yourself, in my case it also worked out. I had cut of a small leave of my monstera with as much of the ‘root’ as I could get.

All the white roots are new and grew in the water. Now this took quite a long time, I think about 7/8 weeks. I planted it in soil and this beautiful plant has been thriving and growing already!

Because of my succes with the monstera, I also waterpropegated this plant.

I don’t know how this one is called but I think it is a superpretty plant and I would love to have some more of it. I just cut of one of the strings and then removed the leaves and put it in water. The places where the leaves were before was the places tiny roots developed. How fascinating. I’ve put that into soil now and hopefully it will work out just as fine as all the others.

Soil propagation

My sweet mother has a lot of amazing plants, and I always get to adopt some of her baby-plants. This time her pilea had a lot of babies, and also the snake plant had made a little one. I’ll show you how I propagated them into the soil. It isn’t too long ago so they didn’t grow that much yet, but they do look very thriving in their new environment.

I didn’t actually take a picture of the root here, but you will see that these babies are connected to the motherplant, either by growing from the stem or by growing from the root underneath the soil. You’ll want to take a chunck of the root with the babyplant to give it a good chance of developping their own new roots. Pretty similar to the snake plant:

You’d ideally give them a fitting pot and some good potting soil with nutritients so they will get enough to grow big and strong. You can them water them right after planting. After this you can water them about once a week (depending on how much sunlight and heat they get) and feed them with liquid plantfood every 2/3 weeks (more one how to make your own soon!) This way they will have the best conditions to grow. Especially now, during spring, they will develop so quickly.

Final results

And under here is a picture how my propagations of this year look now. I have to admit that some of the propagations were a back in march so they obviously have grown more then the ones I did last week 🙂 But you will get the idea.

Beautiful isn’t it? As I said, I am not an expert but if you do have any questions you can ask them here or on my instagram. I really enjoy my houseplants so much!

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