Vegan Family Dinner Plan

Vegan Family Dinner Plan

April 27, 2019 Taste Uncategorized Weekly dinner plan 1

After deciding how to incorporate more regular posts on the blog despite our busy life, I came up with the idea to share our weekly dinner plans with you. I always make a dinnerplan for the weekdays. In the weekends we are a bit more spontanious, but I like to plan and prep for the weekdays. It’s not always easy to think of easy, fast, familyfriendly AND plant-based recipes so I figured I can’t be the only one in need for inspiration every week… Hopefully you’ll enjoy these. You don’t necessarily have to be vegan to find inspiration, and you might just want to try out one of them for your meatless mondays…? NOTE: We don’t eat entirely vegan, but we do our best to incorporate a lot of plant-based meals and these meals are the ones I’ll share with you.

Not all recipes provided

Ok so this mealplan doesn’t actually contain all the recipes you might need. There is two reasons for that.

  • At first I wanted to wait til I got enough recipes on my blog to link to… But I think this will take a while and I would love to share my meal plans with you already right now! I will add some sort of short description of the meals and will post some pictures of them too (when available). I will also link to other sites where needed, but hopefully you do have some basic understanding of how to boil/mash potatoes or make a yoghurt sauce (and I will be posting my recipes for this in time… not about boiling potatoes though, that isn’t a recipe :D)
  • Also, I don’t think that a lot of people /families have time to cook from a recipe on a weekday. I know I don’t, and I can’t imagine that people are willing to follow a lot of steps to get their food on the table during the week. So I keep these plans very simple and basic, suitable for families with kids (I will admit that if I wouldn’t have had kids, things would be a bit more ‘out of the box’. But when you do make these exotic meals and your kids don’t eat the food and just complain, and after the meal complain about still being hungry, that’s not as much fun… So we save those meals for datenights and adapt to a bit more blend flavours during the week).

So although there won’t always be recipes, I will try to describe the meals in the blogpost as good as I can to make sure you can handle to cook it yourself after you read through it.


I also include what I prepare on Sunday in order for these recipes to be done in about 20-ish minutes. You don’t have to prep, but it will save you a lot of time during the week (the time where everyone in your family is hungry and tired…;)) I also try to make a big double portion meal on sundays so we eat the leftovers of that meal troughout the week.

Shopping List

If you want to get a shoppinglist for all the meals throughout the whole week you can subscribe to this blog and get free acces to the ‘extra’ page. There I will be uploading a full shoppinglist to go with each dinner plan. I do however assume you have basic staples at your house, like spices, oil, butter etc.

So Let’s get started, click here to get to my first dinnerplan.


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