Dinnerplan week 1

Dinnerplan week 1

April 28, 2019 Taste Uncategorized Weekly dinner plan 0

First week to share my family style vegan dinner plan with you guys. So exciting! I try to make our dinnerplan every week. If you want to know more about this series I recommend you read this article first. I describe a bit more about how to take this plan as an inspiration, and moderate to your own needs. Also more on why I don’t add all the recipes 🙂

For this week, on monday we eat potatoes with broccoli and vegan meatballs. I also add some sauce to this, probably a yoghurt-based or sweet chili sauce. It’s supereasy and even if you don’t prep the potatoes it will be on the table in about 20 minutes (cut your potatoes in smaller chuncks so you don’t have to boil them forever).

Tuesday there’s a leftover dinner, dal from sunday (click on link for recipe). I do this very often, and especially when cooking things like dal (or other stews) it’s so easy to make a big pan. Sunday we eat it with nanbread and Tuesday with the (precooked on sunday) rice. So it’s just reheating the whole dish and cutting some extra carrot sticks as a side.

Wednesday we’ll be eating mashed potatoes which I made on Sunday (highly recommend this, although you could cut supersmall chuncks of potato, boil it, mash it with the spinach and you’re done) Also sauteeing some mushrooms and adding some sundried tomatoes to make it a bit more interesting.

Thursday we’ll be eating pasta with veggie-tomato-sauce. Supereasy, basically just cooking vegetables of your choice (could be a lot like squash, bell pepper, carrots… could be one onion) with some canned tomatoes. I do recommend adding some protein like lentils/beans/tofu. When sauce is ready you serve with cooked pasta.

Friday we eat tomato-soup. Use the leftover pastasauce as a base and add some stock and spices. Serve with bread and homemade herb butter. If you have some extra time you could make this homemade bread. You can also make that in a weekend and freeze it and reheat it today.

Hope you find some inspiration for your own week menu. If you’d want to copy ours I recommend you to subscribe and get acces to the complete grocery list and a printable version of this dinner plan under ‘extra‘. (I don’t send you any spam, promise!) Also check out our instagram and follow for more inspiration!

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