Recycle your flower bulbs

Recycle your flower bulbs

May 2, 2019 Flowers and Fruit Gardening Grow Spring Uncategorized 0

Who doesn’t love to brighten up the room in early spring? You’re likely to have bought some of these flower bulbs into your home, in similar pots like these:

They are just so bright and colorful in a time where the nature isn’t quite there yet. But what do you do with the bulbs after they have flowered? Throw them away? Maybe you compost the bulbs? That is one option, but did you know that you can reuse them, and plant them in your garden? They will come up again the next spring and flower again (and again and again…) How awesome is that!

Maybe you think that this won’t work where you live? We weren’t sure either if our indoor bulbs would survive the hard Norwegian winter, but as you can see, they did! I’m pretty sure that if they can make it here, they can make it (almost) anywhere. So far we have had succes with grape hyacinths, daffodill/narcissus and tulips.

How to reuse your flower bulbs

So next time you get these kind of flowers with bulbs, when they are done blooming, you cut off the flowers (not the leaves). Then you can put away the whole pot and wait til the soil outside is defrosted. If it already is spring/summer you don’t have to wait at all. Then when time comes you take the bulbs out of the plastic container (recycle this or re-use, you could for example put some fresh soil and seeds in there). Then you dig a little hole, the depth should be about 3 times the size of the bulb, but don’t worry if it’s a bit off. You can seperate the bulbs, or put them in together, do what you prefer. Put the roots down and the leaves up. Cover with some soil, and done 🙂 Now you have given yourself a lovely gift for the next spring time.

If you don’t have a garden you can consider planting the bulbs in a park or other place in your neigbourhood to brighten up the streets you live in.

I got really lucky to get this little bug on the flower in my picture, as it also illustrates another point. Planting more flowers is so helpful for the insects, so not only do you yourself benefit from a beautiful sight, you also help the insects thrive!


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