Dinnerplan week 2

Dinnerplan week 2

May 5, 2019 Taste Uncategorized Weekly dinner plan 0

I know it’s actually a bit late to share our dinner plan if you’d want to copy it exactly this week, but it is a lot more work to share our plan here then you (and I) would think 🙂 I’m sharing it anyway cause hopefully it will give you some inspiration for now or later.

On Monday we will make the quiche from this recipe. You will have to prepare the batter on sunday evening as the it is much tastier that way. You can also cut the broccoli florets and onion so you can throw everything in the oven when you get home. You could also make the whole quiche so you just can reheat the portions you need the next day.

Tuesday we will eat the leftovers from the quiche together with some additional pastasalad. This means you will have to cook some pasta today and chop up some veggies while the quiche is reheating. You can use any vegetables you like in your pasta salad like bell pepper, argula and tomatoes. Mix the pasta with the vegetables, a dressing (for example pesto) and toppings as olives, sundried tomatoes, cheese etc.

On Wednesday we will make a veggie stir fry. You can start by boiling some rice if you didn’t prep that on Sunday (if you did, then just reheat) I bought chopped stir-fry veggies in a bag for this one (with sugar snaps, carrot, kale and bell pepper). We cook it and add in some crumbled tofu and lots of spices like koriander, cumin, garlic, ginger. Make an easy peanutsauce and serve.

This Thursday we will eat risotto with mushrooms and a salad. For the salad you could use the leftovers from Tuesday if you have any. Maybe without the pasta though 😉

Friday we will eat sandwiches with the filling that everyone prefers and some veggies like cucumber, tomatoes and bell pepper. Not that fancy but perfectly fine to eat every once in a while.

Hope you find some inspiration for your own week menu. If you’d want to copy ours I recommend you to subscribe and get acces to the complete grocery list and a printable version of this dinner plan under ‘extra‘. (I don’t send you any spam, promise!) Also check out our instagram and follow for more inspiration!

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