Hi there and welcome to this blog! I am Martine, 33 years old, living in Norway together with my dear husband and our 3 kids. On this site you will find all the things our family enjoys in life that are good and green. We try to live a in a simple, sustainable way, and in touch with nature and the seasons, which are very present in our life in Norway.

Our kids are 4 years and under, so it’s a busy time in our lives. That means that on this blog I will mostly write about the things close to my heart. I want to share the things we find fun and enjoyable and hopefully this will inspire you to try out some of the things in your own life.

I divided the blog into some sections to keep it organized. The sections are all about things that are good and green within:


This area will be all about do-it-yourself-Projects. From kids crafts like homemade playdough to homedecor by making your own candles. We enjoy to work with natural and recycled materials and love to create useful things. We also believe that creating is very calming and good for the mind. When you craft you are forced to live in the moment and focus on your project (aka mindfulness). Hopefully you will get inspired to try some projects yourself.


We live in a cold part of Norway (well… there isn’t really a warm part, but since we live with a land climate we get the coldest winters here) which is the reason for our short growing season. But even before the snow is melted we start by planting some seeds inside. We also love houseplants to keep our house kind of green in wintertime. Maybe you will get excited about growing some of your own veggies or herbs as well.


We eat a lot of plant-based meals and I want to share the best ones with you! These recipes will be all about how to preserve the harvest from the garden (when that time comes). But also other vegetarian recipes that fit well into a busy family life. We give you ideas for a weekday dinner plan, share our basics and baking ideas, and provide you some easy family style dinner recipes.

Family life

Although a lot of the site will in a way circle around family life, here I will write some more in depth stuff about life as a family or just life in general.

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