Category: Houseplants

Propagating houseplants

Who knew how easy it is to make more plants of your houseplants! It really is easy and right now (spring) is in fact the best time to get it started! I did already start some projects earlier this year and these worked out too, but I can already see that the plants I’m propagating…
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April 23, 2019 0

Be happy, take care of a plant

Plants have a lot of beneficial qualities to our mental health. I think humanity has known that for a long time. Look at our traditions at weddings and funerals where plants (ok, I admit it’s mostly flowers) often play a major part. A lot of research is done on plants and how they affect us.…
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January 27, 2019 2

Why you should get a spiderplant

So, if you’re anything like me you can’t wait for spring to happen, but that is still so far away. Maybe you’re also very keen on getting some green in your living room…? Here are some good reasons for you to give the spiderplant a try as your newest houseplant. 1. The spiderplant is really…
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January 23, 2019 2